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The Maxi offers the features listed below:

• See your asset live at home by PC

• Thatcham Approved TQA103

• Monitored 24 hours a day

• Battery Disconnect Alert

• Movement Sensor Alert

• Low Battery text Alert

• Insurance discounts

• Fully Transferable

• Covert black box

• 3 year warranty

• 12 and 24 volt

Prices from £399 inc vat and mobile installation

Annual subscription includes vat and complete UK, Ireland and European cover

 £139.00 per year


 £389.00 for as long as you own the vehicle

SmarTrack utilises the satellite based GPS system for vehicle location. This enables the 24hr Secure Operating Centre to pinpoint your vehicle's exact location within seconds. GSM technology is employed to communicate with the SmarTrack system.

The MAXI system is covertly installed in your asset and does not require any involvement from you.

You would use the vehicle as normal. ALL the aerials are internal and waterproof to ip56 standard, so a thief would never know the system is installed on your equipment. The internal GPS aerial fitted to the MAXI is a 3 dimensional Surf-Star III that is unrivalled in this type of system. This means it will work where many other trackers won't!

The Smartrack Maxi now comes with a movement sensor at no extra cost. The MAXI can be supplied with a back up battery 1.2ah and steel bracket for extra security at £50 extra.

The MAXI has a Quad Band GSM board and a roaming sim card, this gives it the capability of World Wide Tracking.

If your asset is stolen, you will need to obtain an incident/crime number from your local Police and pass this to the 24hr SmarTrack Secure Operating Centre. SmarTrack will then establish the exact location of the stolen equipment using GPS technology and highly detailed mapping screens and liase with the Police, Security and Recovery services providing regular location updates as necessary until your asset is located and recovered.

Once located, SmarTrack will arrange for a Security Guard to wait with the equipment until recovery can be arranged. With the Maxi you can now view a live location of your vehicle twice daily included in the subscription, to give you extra piece of mind.

Unlike other tracking devices, SmarTrack can be transferred from one vehicle to another. This must be carried out by a SmarTrack approved engineer.

The system can be fitted to 12 or 24 volt vehicle

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Smartrack Plant Security System

This product has been designed and manufactured in Britain for SmarTrack and has acheived e-mark and Thatcham TQA103 status. It is ideal all Plant, Agricultural, Marine, Motorcycle and OFF-road vehicles.

It has internal aerials for enhanced security and an ExtraTuff IP56 Poly-Prop casing for extra protection. It uses a very small amount of power making it ideal for all the above applications.

Click Here For A Quotation by E-mail. Or Click Here For A Quotation by E-mail.

Thousands of tractors, diggers and items of building equipment are being stolen as part of a "money laundering machine", industry experts have said.

The National Plant and Equipment Register said 3,678 items worth an estimated £36m were stolen last year

Plant Theft Report

Crime bosses in tractor thefts'

Sheridan Installations are the leading mobile installer for Smartrack products in Sussex, with 20 years of experience in fitting vehicle security devices.

Installations for the Smartrack Maxi Plant security tracking system  in West Sussex Our Mobile Fitting Service Covers; Brighton, Gatwick, Crawley, Guildford, Eastbourne and Portsmouth. We provide a mobile on site fitting service for the Smartrack Protector Pro and many other vehicle tracking devices

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